Amount: MINIMUM of a $250.00 Scholarship
Deadline: March 15
Source of Funds: Funded by CEA members
Eligible applicants: Carrington graduate who has completed one year of college and has been accepted into an education program.

A. Complete the application neatly and legibly.

B. Include recent academic college transcript showing most recent grade point average.

C. Proof of official acceptance into an education program.

D. A letter of recommendation from a college professor or advisor who works in your field of study.

E. A statement written by you outlining your career coals and employment history. A short essay written by you stating why you’ve chosen to pursue the ducation field must accompany the career/employment statement.

F. A list of high school and college honors, as well as a summary of school and community involvement.

G. High School transcript and ACT and/or SAT scores are on file at Carrington High School and may be considered in determining the scholarship recipient.

H. All scholarship entries are confidential and will be viewed by the CEA Scholarship committee only.

I. A scholarship may not be awarded if above criteria is not met to the satisfaction of the selection committee.

CEA Scholarship Form