Addison Hoornaert










Parents: Chad & Jennifer

Family Members:  Emerson, Edyn, Aniston

Favorites/Hobbies: color red, fruit, pasta, friends show; sports, hanging out with friends and family, watching Netflix, rollerblading

Favorite Classes:  Elementary tutoring

People Most Admired:  Emerson

Future Career:  Nurse Practitioner

Students Nominated:  Seth Nelson, Tanner Guthmiller, Sophie Boyer, Caedon Pederson

Timothy Klein










Grade:   11

Parents:  Kris & Brenda

Family Members:  Amber & Krystal

Favorites/Hobbies: cyan, Mountain Dew, German Sheperds; PUBG, driving, music

Favorite Classes:  U.S. History

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  undecided

Students Nominated:  Kambree Kvamme, Lexi Page, Lea Mittleider, Taryn Hoeckle, Ethan Buskness

Emma Rindy










Grade:   10

Parents:  Bill & Lanette

Family Members:  Mattea, Mackenzie, Easton, Grace

Favorites/Hobbies: chicken alfredo, lasagna, basketball, vampire diaries, blue, Kelsea Ballerini; playing sports, hanging out with friends, listening to music, practicing basketball

Favorite Classes:  Spanish II

People Most Admired:  Grace

Future Career:  Nurse Anesthetist

Students Nominated:  Bella Garr, Jacob Rexin, Sydnie Grager, Ella Catalano



Evan Cates











Grade: 09

Parents:  Mathew & Glenda

Family Members:  Justin & Aurora

Favorites/Hobbies:  Imagine Dragon, red, Avengers End Game; football, basketball, gaming, reading, hanging out with friends

Favorite Class:  English with Mr. Ranum

People Most Admired:

Future Career:  work with exotic animals, carpenter, work at power plant

Students Nominated: Gavyn Anderson, Chloe Hovdenes, Trace Hoggarth, Luke Page, Jack Erickson

Sydney Friedt











Grade: 08

Parents:  Alex & Myrna

Family Members:  Sage, Savanna, Sierra

Favorites/Hobbies:  mac & cheese, Sandra Bullock, Mamma Mia, dark turquoise; volleyball, cross country, FBLA, yearbook, one-act, reading, hanging out with friends

Favorite Class:  gym

People Most Admired: Ellen DeGeneres

Future Career:  Midwife

Students Nominated: Karlee Lesmann, Sophie Garr, Madison Johnson, Olivia Threadgold, Jozey Retzlaff

Kenadie Pazdernik











Grade: 07

Parents:  Mark Pazdernik & Jen Smith

Family Members:

Favorites/Hobbies:  crab legs, breakthrough; volleyball, basketball, playing with my dogs, hanging out with friends

Favorite Class:  Geography

People Most Admired:  Grandma

Future Career:  Nurse

Students Nominated:  Ethan Roller, Josh Bickett, Hailee Weber, Corbin Clifton