Eli Richter










Parents:  Dave & Anne

Family Members:  Isaiah

Favorites/Hobbies:  spaghetti, Adam Sandler, Star Wars, color red; snowmobiling, hunting, xbox

Favorite Classes:  Physiology

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Banker

Students Nominated:  Marah Schmitz, Tate Hoggarth, Seth Nelson, Madison Richter, Alayna Martinez

Beth Lee










Parents:  Brent & Joanna

Family Members:  Justin, Tyler, Nicole, Abigail, Jennie

Favorites/Hobbies:  pizza, country music, color mint green, color lavender, any Disney movie; hanging out with friends and family, watching movies

Favorite Classes:  Ag Mech Tech

People Most Admired:  Parents

Future Career:  something in agriculture

Students Nominated:  Harlee Erickson, Kambree Kvamme, Treston Lura, Lexus Page


Lauren Skadberg










Parents:  Tara & Jason

Family Members:  Kylie

Favorites/Hobbies:  color blue, sunsets, fruit; FBLA, FCCLA, Student Council

Favorite Classes:  Sculpture

People Most Admired: Ashley Schulz 

Future Career:  undecided

Students Nominated:  Ella Catalano, Lucas Hendrickson, Noroton Ombuya


Kaylee Barone











Parents:  Shanna Barone

Family Members:  Grant Barone, Gwen Lee, Kinley Lee

Favorites/Hobbies:  color red, Marvel movies, NCT, spaghetti, Elizabeth Olson, Zendaya; drawing, listening to music, watching youtube, talking to friends

Favorite Classes:  French

People Most Admired:  Grandparents

Future Career:  Something in Art or Science

Students Nominated:  Mya Reimche-Nelson, Kirra Kvamme, Ean Hovdenes, Mya Schroeder, Kael Kovar


Kacie Rexin









Parents:  Michael & Michelle

Family Members:  Jacob

Favorites/Hobbies:  spaghetti, Jumanji, teal, Only Human; hanging out with friends, eating, playing sports, sleeping

Favorite Classes:  Gym

People Most Admired:  Grandma & Mom

Future Career:  undecided

Students Nominated:  Sarah Hallwachs, Joe Lindberg, Tyler Walker, Tessa Mittleider, Josey Retzlaff


Jaidyn Schroeder









Parents:  Jamane & Jesse

Family Members:  Jesse, Jamisyn, Tristan

Favorites/Hobbies:  seafood, 5 nights, Sandra Bullock, Bird Box; volleyball, gymnastics

Favorite Classes:  Science

People Most Admired:  Mom

Future Career:  Brain Doctor

Students Nominated:  Jazmyn Ybarra, Joslyne Thompson, Josh Bickett, Fallon Lacina