Expectations for Students Utilizing Distance Learning

Whether a student/family has chosen to distance learn or needs to distance learn due to a quarantine mandate from exposure to COVID-19, Carrington MS/HS wants to offer the best academic experience possible.  Listed below are academic expectations to aid each student and teacher in maximizing our distance learning platform:

Attendance Expectations:

In the event of an illness or appointment, parents of students utilizing distance education are expected to contact the main office if student(s) are unable to attend any Zoom session. This should be done before the school day begins to avoid an unexcused absence from said class/es. An unexcused absence will prevent the student from being able to make-up any missed classwork due to the absence.

Zoom Expectations:

  1. Students will attend each Zoom session on time as required by each teacher. Students who miss a Zoom session, or are late, will be marked absent/tardy.
  1. If a student is having difficulty ‘getting-in’ to a Zoom session, he/she must contact the classroom teacher by email, text, or Remind immediately.
  1. Students will always attend Zoom sessions unmuted and with their full face/head on-camera.
  1. Students will attend Zoom sessions without distractions such as eating, blankets, pets, other devices, and outside individuals present (other than parents/guardians).
  1. Students will attend Zoom sessions in an appropriate location which is a well-lit room seated at a table or desk.
  1. Students are to act as though they are in the regular classroom and be attentive and ready to participate when asked.
  1. Students will abide by all applicable student handbook policies as if they were in a regular classroom, including, but not limited to behavior, dress code, hats/head wear, food/drink, and etiquette.

Google Classroom Expectations:

  1. Students will check Google Classroom and school email each day for each class period.
  1. Students are to adhere to due dates and deadlines posted by each teacher.
  1. An assignment is considered complete when it is fully done before the ‘Turn-in’ button is clicked.
  1. Students are responsible for aligning all assignments with the appropriate class/post/teacher.

Distance Learning and Student Eligibility:

Students who have CHOSEN to distance learn are held to the same eligibility requirements for athletics and activities as regular on-campus students.