Carmen Entzminger






Parents:  Janice & Terry

Family Members:  Jordan

Favorites/Hobbies:  pasta, country music, color pink, Longest Ride; spending time with family & friends, watching Netflix, riding in the combine

Favorite Classes:  online

People Most Admired:  Grandma

Future Career:  Social Worker Therapist

Students Nominated:  Marah Schmitz, Sophie Boyer, Madison Richter, Seth Nelson

Breanna Mittleider






Grade:   11

Parents:  Becky & Jesse

Family Members:  Hunter & Easton

Favorites/Hobbies: spaghetti, country music, Dennis the Menace, color blue; hanging out with friends, going to McHenry

Favorite Classes:  Ag Mech

People Most Admired:  Mom

Future Career:  something in Agriculture

Students Nominated:  Hannah Hagel, Kambree Kvamme, Kenzie Edland, Matthew Thomas, Lexi Page

Grace Rindy






Grade:   10

Parents:  William & Lanette

Family Members:  Taya, Kenzie, Easton, Emma

Favorites/Hobbies:  pizza, color green, country music; hanging out with friends, going to LaMoure, Stating basketball with Harlee, Netflix

Favorite Classes:  Accounting

People Most Admired:  Addison Hoornaert

Future Career:  Dentist

Students Nominated:  Noah Paulson, Cole Seaburg, Alli Guthmiller, Lauren Skadberg, Lucas Hendrickson

Gavyn Anderson






Parents:  Kari & Cody

Family Members:  Dyllan & Logan Anderson, Jaxsyn Remmick

Favorites/Hobbies: tacos, color red, Pitch Perfect; hanging with friends, listening to music, Netflix

Favorite Classes:  Band & Choir

People Most Admired:  Mother

Future Career:  Music Educator

Students Nominated:  Jack Paulson, Jonathan Murphy, Kael Kovar, Calvin Sisson, Mya Schroeder, Chloe Hovdenes

Madison Johnson






Parents:  Nichole & Dave

Family Members:  Zach, McKenzie, Marah

Favorites/Hobbies: pasta, soup, color blue, Christmas time, watch movies; playing sports, hanging with friends & family, watch movies

Favorite Classes:  Gym

People Most Admired:  Mom & Dad

Future Career:  undecided

Students Nominated:  Sage Patzer, Tiara Lura, Joe Lindberg, Taya Lura

Sierra Friedt






Parents:  Myrna & Alex

Family Members:  Sage, Savanna & Sydney

Favorites/Hobbies: soup, color yellow, The Perfect Date, pizza; volleyball, dance, gymnastics, 4-H, Christmas decorating, playing saxophone

Favorite Classes:  P.E.

People Most Admired:  Mom & Dad

Future Career:  Architect

Students Nominated:  Callen Garber,Gabe Ricter, Krystal Klein, Jazmyn Ybarra, Joslyne Thompson