The Junior High Science Olympiad team competed virtually at the Bismarck Regional Science Olympiad on March 23, 24 & 25. They were the top-class B team and 4th overall. They qualified to go on to the state virtual competition on April 21, 22, & 23.  The senior high was top class B team and 3rd overall and also qualified for state competition.


2021 Senior High Science Olympiad Regional Medal Winners

1st Detector Building-  Max Beumer and Jacob Page
1st Dynamic Planet- Abbie Stedman and Jacob Rexin
1st Mechanics- Trapper Depew and Max Beumer
1st Water Quality- Hannah Hagel and Abbie Stedman
2nd Circuit Lab- Hannah Hagel and Trapper Depew
2nd Designer Genes- Lexus Page and Anna Irion
3rd Astronomy- Jacob Rexin and Nicole Lee
3rd Codebusters- Jacob Page and Trapper Depew
3rd Disease Detectives- Dawsyn Anderson and Bella Garr
3rd Forensics- Kenzie Edland and Emma Hone
3rd Geologic Mapping- Hannah Hagel and Lexus Page
3rd Sounds of Music- Trapper Depew and Nicole Lee

Junior High Regional Medal Winners

 1st-Water Quality – Joe Lindberg & Ethan Roller
3rd-Anatomy & Physiology – Molly Hansen & Juliet Davis
3rd – Density Lab – Madison Johnson & Ethan Roller
3rd Heredity – Jazmyn Ybarra & Connor Gast
3rd – Machines – Joe Lindberg & Ethan Roller