Emma Rindy










Grade:  12

Favorites/Hobbies: Working and hanging out with friends

Favorite Classes:  Economics

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Nurse Practitioner

Luke Page










Grade:   11

Favorites/Hobbies: Hanging with friends, video games, and watching movies

Favorite Classes:  Physiology

People Most Admired:  Hudson Schmitz

Future Career:  Undecided


Wyatt Weninger










Grade:   10

Favorites/Hobbies: Golfing and Fishing

Favorite Classes:  Gym

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Body Mechanic



Isabel Wendel










Grade:   09

Favorites/Hobbies: Sports and watching Netflix

Favorite Classes:  Band

People Most Admired: Harrison Ford

Future Career: Psychologist


Bailey Ness










Grade:   08

Favorites/Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and sports

Favorite Classes:  Gym

People Most Admired:  Parents

Future Career:  Nurse Anesthetist



Jeremiah Gacho










Grade:   07

Favorites/Hobbies: Going outside and playing video games

Favorite Classes:  Math

People Most Admired:  Parents

Future Career:  Engineer