Payton Smith

Grade:  12

Parents:  Kyle & Layne

Family Members:  Brady, Brynn

Favorites/Hobbies: steak, color blue, running, hanging out with friends; lifting, hunting, listening to music

Favorite Classes:  Physiology

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Physical Therapist

Students Nominated:  Keiley Slorby, Kyle Leapaldt, Madeline Allmaras, Brandon Larson, Ryan DeWald, Amber Klein

Colton Buskness

Grade:   11

Parents:  Robert & Karen

Family Members:  Brady, Brynn

Favorites/Hobbies: chicken breast, color red; hanging out with friends, playing video games, hunting, lifting, listening to music

Favorite Classes:  U.S. History

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Athletic Trainer

Students Nominated:  Sophie Boyer, Tyler Lee, Laurie Struxness, Carmen Entzminger

Macee McClean

Grade:   10

Parents:  Mark & Dani

Family Members:  Cody, Lexi

Favorites/Hobbies: pizza; reading

Favorite Classes:  Child Development

People Most Admired:  Mrs. Jensen

Future Career:  Art

Students Nominated:  Breanna Mittleider, Jaydee Hardy, Joe Broadwell, Abbie Stedman, Marissa House


Emma Rindy

Grade:   09

Parents:  William & Lanette

Family Members:  Mattea, Mackenzie, Easton, Grace

Favorites/Hobbies: lasagna, ice cream, Kelsea Ballerini, color blue; playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, watching Netflix

Favorite Classes:  Physical Science

People Most Admired:  Mom

Future Career:  Nurse Practitioner

Students Nominated:  Logan Pierce, Cayler Ellingson, Drew Schroeder, Brecken Lura, Taylor Braaten, Jon Lura

Kaylee Barone

Grade:   08

Parents:  Shanna Barone

Family Members:  Grant Barone, Gwen Lee, Kinley Lee

Favorites/Hobbies: color red, spaghetti, Chris Evans, Marvel Movies, Billie Eilish; drawing, writing, hanging with friends, Netflix shows: The Umbrella Academy, Marvel, All the Bright Places

Favorite Classes:  Art

People Most Admired:  Stan Lee, My Friends

Future Career:  Photographer

Students Nominated:  Hunter Butterfield, Allison Jarrett, Trace Hoggarth, Gavyn Anderson, Reese Neis


Jaxon Schaefer

Grade:   07

Parents:  Robert & Amie

Family Members:  Avery, Reese, Camden

Favorites/Hobbies: steak, movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman, color green; football, track, hunting, riding dirt bike, hanging out with friends

Favorite Classes:  Gym

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Farmer

Students Nominated:  Maverick Zink, Emma Aberle, Gage Magstadt, Tylee Black, Olivia Threadgold