May  8th, 2020

Our last practice log was due on May 6th. There will be no additional practice logs due after this and so if your student has submitted practice minutes for the following weeks, they are caught up and will not need to submit anything else for the remainder of the year:

Practice log 10: 4/1 – 4/7

Practice log 11: 4/8 – 4/14

Practice log 12: 4/15 – 4/21

Practice log 13: 4/22 – 4/28

Practice log 14: 4/29 – 5/5

If your student is missing any of these practice logs, they have until Wednesday, May 13th to get them emailed to me. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please send me an email and I will be more than willing to help!



5th and 6th Grade Elementary Band

Please keep working on your spring concert pieces:

5th Grade:

1. Scarbourough Fair
2. Eagle Summit March

6th Grade:

1. Ruins of Tulum
2. Evening at the Symphony
3. Stronghold

Parents can keep emailing practice logs to me ( ) each week on
Wednesday showing that 100 minutes were practiced. The first official practice log will be due
on Wednesday, April 1st. Once we are back in the routine of regular practice, I will have you
send in audio recordings of certain sections of our spring concert pieces and will let you know
when that will start happening. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns!