We will be using Google Classroom for all assignments.  Most assignments will be due Friday unless specified in the weekly plans.  This is the same format that we have been using so far this year.

We will also be using Zoom. Mr. Shipman put this app in your Self-Service, so please download this onto you iPad desktop.  We will practice using it this first week and then use this for class or question times. We will meet as a class on “Zoom” at least once a week. I’m planning on Thursdays but will give dates on weekly lesson plans.  Zoom instructions follow the weekly lesson plan.

If you need any help logging in, please email Mrs. Richter (christy.richter@k12.nd.us) or (wayne.shipman@k12.nd.us).

Materials to bring home

• Textbooks
• iPads/charging equipment
• Reading classes – books from the classroom
• Books for AR

Beginning March 30, grades are being taken on assignments.

Week of May 4 – 8 Lesson Plans – Click Here for PDF

Week of April 27 – May 1 Lesson Plans – Click Here for PDF

Weeks of April 20-27 Lesson Plans – Click Here for PDF

Week of April 13 – 17 Lesson Plans – Click Here

Week of April 6 – 10 Lesson Plans – Click Here

Week of March 30 – April 3 – Click Here for Lesson Plans


Week of March 23-27, 2020
***access information is at the end of this weekly plan.  If at any time you need to email, call, or text for assistance, please do.

English 7 (Periods 1 and 4)

**All work will be on Google Classroom (GC) or in your HMH Into Literature Book unless specified on Google Classroom.

**ZOOM Thursday at 9:00 for period 1 and 11:30 for period 4


Unit 17 Vocabulary

  1. Read word list on GC
  2. Write the definitions on Doc provided. Students, remember you can be using the Quizlet app attached for these definitions.
  3. Using the worksheet, write the answers on the Google Doc provided and submit.

***********If anyone is interested, we can have a Quizlet Live practice on Wednesday at 10:00.

  1. The test will be available on Friday from 9:00-9:15 and again from 11:30-11:45 just like any other Friday. If you miss these times, just leave me a comment in GC and I will reschedule for you.

Literature Book

  1. Reread page 306-309 (you may also listen to this using your app on your iPad)
  2. Review the questions on page 309 (B,J,B)
  3. Do the form labeled Challenges for Space Exploration on GC
  4. IXL Q.2 Clues to Greek and Latin Roots

Advanced Reading (Period 2)

  1. Finish reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
  2. Write a summary on the GC Doc for the book once you have finished.

**ZOOM Thursday at 9:15


Oral Comm (Period 3)

 **Quarter 3 speeches need to be videoed with the iPad and sent to my email

**Class code for B day      j73dmbj

  1. Check Timeline Overview criteria and grade sheet on GC
  2. Pick your topic and sent it in the comment section of GC
  3. Start research using the criteria from the Timeline Overview sheet. Remember that you are looking for a minimum 10 events for the Power Point slides, as well as, information that expand the details for each slide.  We will be working on this for several weeks.  I will ask for an update on your information March 30th on GC.  Wait until that assignment comes out before submitting.  You may contact me anytime.


Intensive Reading (Periods 6-7)

  1. Zoom at 1:45 for class.
  2. Click on the tab Classes, then ReadingScape. Pick a book from the list to read.  When complete, write a summary of the book.
  3. If you have an AR book and want to take a test. Just let me know and I’ll arrange for you to take a test.
  4. Log into Google Classroom and press the + at the top. Type in the code  lxnef2n  to join the class.  I will use this for later assignments.


Access Information

To access the Zoom meeting, log in to your Google account. Click on the drop-down apps menu and select calendar. Go to the date and time of the meeting and click on the meeting info. There will be an information box that opens. Click the “Join Zoom Meeting” link. This should automatically take you to the meeting.

Make sure to select “Call using Internet Audio.”

Please mute your screen and keep it muted until you need to ask a question or respond to a question. This will help prevent excessive background noise.

If you are not able to see yourself, select “start video.” Please keep the video on.

If you need any help logging in, please email Mrs. Richter (christy.richter@k12.nd.us) or (wayne.shipman@k12.nd.us).


Christy Richter