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Physical Education Exercises
And Activities

Jumping Jacks                               Squats
Toe Touchers                                Lunges
Mt. Climbers                                 Laterals
Burpees                                         Pushups
Crunchers                                      Running
Shuffling                                        Jumping


  1. Badminton Skills and game knowledge
  2. Basketball Skills and Shooting
  3. Kicking Skills: multiple balls or items
  4. Running: tag, races, relays etc.
  5. Throwing: Any ball, 1 hand and 2 hand throwing and catching
  6. Playground
  7. Any Snow activities: sledding, skiing, building snowman and forts
  8. Make up a new activity!

** Do at least 60 minutes of activity/day!

Show Me what you have done for activities!

Send me a picture or quick video on your activity and email it to me!