Welcome to our new normal.  This will present challenges for all of us but we will get through it.  This to shall pass.  We will be using Google Classroom and Email to gain access to my lessons, videos, worksheets, and podcasts.  If we need to add other methods to help get this done we will do so.  We will also be using your k-12 email to send materials back and forth.

Beginning March 30, grades are being taken on assignments.

 Week of May 4 – 8 Lesson Plans – Click for PDF


Monday- Notes and Study Guide ch. 40- AmphibiansTuesday- Open note test Ch. 40 Amphibians
Wednesday-To Discuss Reptile lecture, ws
Thursday- To Discuss Birds and Mammals. Lecture, sg, notes
Friday- Open note test on Birds, Reptiles, and Mammals


Monday- open note test on Ch. 23 birth and development
Tuesday- BSV video/ws on Endocrine System
Wednesday- Endocrine system lecture and worksheet
Thursday- Endocrine system lecture, notes and sg
Friday- open note test on Endocrine system

AP Biology

Monday- lecture on Urinary and Nervous System BSV video/ws on osmoregulation
Tuesday- lecture on immune, muscular, skeletal system. BSV video/ws on immune system
Wednesday- lecture on reproductive and digestive system
Thursday- BSV video/ws on digestive system
Friday- open note test on Human Anatomy Chapter


Monday- lecture video on ch. 51-3 birth and development  ws 51-3
Tuesday- notes and sg for ch. 51 test
Wednesday- ch. 51 open note test
Thursday- lecture video on drugs, ws
Friday- lecture video on drugs, ws

Genetics l

Monday- to video lecture on genetics and cancer. Video/ws on cancerTuesday- cancer treatment video/ws notes and study guide
Wednesday- open note test ch. 6 and 16
Thursday- to discuss epigenetics, video/ws
Friday- to discuss epigenetics, video/ws


Week of April 27 – May 1 Lesson Plans – Click for PDF


Monday- Fish video lecture part 2 39-2 ws
Tuesday- notes and study guide ch. 38-39
Wednesday- Chapter 38-39 open note test
Thursday- Amphibians part 1 40-1 ws
Friday- Amphibians part 2 40-2 ws


Monday- Chapter 44 study and notes
Tuesday- Chapter 44 open note test
Wednesday- Male reproductive system lecture video. 51-1 ws
Thursday- Female reproductive system lecture video. 51-2 ws
Friday- Fetal development and birth lecture video. 51-3 ws

AP Biology

Monday- 2 BSV videos and ws. Biodiversity
Tuesday- Chapter 38 lecture notes
Wednesday- study guide and notes
Thursday- Chapter 36-38 open note test
Friday- Human anatomy lecture video


Monday- Ch. 22 open note test
Tuesday- lecture video on fetal development
Wednesday- ch. 23 ws
Thursday- lecture video on fetal development part 2
Friday- lecture video on fetal development part 3. ws

Genetics 1

Monday- Ch. 12-13 open note test
Tuesday- lecture video human development
Wednesday- lecture video genetics and cancer
Thursday- cancer and diet article and ws
Friday- lecture video genetic and cancer


Week of April 20 – 24 Lesson Plans – Click for PDF


Biology – Chapter 36-37 open note test
ABC- Ch. 50 open note test
AP Biology- Lecture Video Population part 1
Physiology- Lecture Video Male Reproductive System
Genetics- Lecture Video Microevolution


Biology- Shape of Life video/ws Echinoderms
ABC- Lecture Video- Animal Behavior part 1/ ws 1
AP Biology- Population Growth Videos/Ws
Physiology- Lecture Video Female Reproductive System
Genetics- Hardy Weinberg Video/WS


Biology- Lecture Video/ws Ch. 38
ABC- Lecture Video- Animal Behavior part 2/ws 2
AP Biology- Population Growth lab and worksheets
Physiology- Reproductive system ws
Genetics- Hardy Weinberg problems


Biology- Lecture Video/ws fish
ABC- Lecture Video- Animal Behavior part 3/ ws3
AP Biology- Lecture Video population part 2
Physiology- lecture video Female reproductive system part 2
Genetics- lecture video – changing hardy-weinberg


Biology- Fish videos
ABC- Animal behavior videos
AP Biology- BSV video/ws
Physiology- lecture video
Genetics- lecture video- changing hardy-weinberg part 2



Week of April 13-17 Lesson Plans – Click Here for PDF


Biology- Ch. 36-3 lecture video, ch. 36-3 worksheet
Physiology- ch. 20 disorders lecture video
AP Bio.- Chi-Squared lab
Genetics- lecture video mutations
ABC- section 2 of Endocrine System  lecture & ws



Biology- insect video/ws and lecture video
Physiology- Ch. 20 worksheet
AP Bio.- AP study guide and notes
Genetics- finish discussion on mutations/ video & ws
ABC- section 3 of endocrine system and ws



Biology- lecture video insects and 37-2 wsheet
Physiology- notes and study guide
AP Bio.- Test ch. 35/ Chi-Square
Genetics- study guide and notes
ABC- Endocrine system/video



Biology- study guides/notes
Physiology- open note test ch. 20
AP Bio.- lecture notes/ wsheet
Genetics- Test ch. 10-11
ABC- study guide and notes


Week of April 6-10 Lesson PlansPDF Click Here


Monday- send notes/study guide
Tuesday- open note test ch. 35
Wednesday- Shape of Life video/ws   Aquatic arthropods
Thursday- Arthopod lecture video/ ch. 36 sec 1-2 ws


Monday- open note test ch. 19
Tuesday- Note video/ ws on urinary system
Wednesday- BSV video/ws urinary system
Thursday- Note video/ws urinary system


Monday- Finish CRISPR work
Tuesday- send notes/ study guide for Chapter 9 Biotechnology
Wednesday- open note test Ch. 9
Thursday- Mutation notes video and mutation ws

AP Biology

Monday- video notes
Tuesday- video notes
Wednesday-BSV video/ws Chi Square
Thursday- Chi Square notes/ worksheet


Monday- video notes, ws on immune system health
Tuesday- Send notes/sg for ch. 47 test
Wednesday- open note test ch. 47
Thursday- video notes/ws on Endocrine system



Week of March 30 – April 3

Video lectures and worksheets   Monday-Wednesday
Immune Response Video and worksheet- Thursday
Immune system activity sheets – Friday

Monday- Shape of Life Mollusks Video/ questions
Tuesday- Mollusk lecture video and worksheet
Wednesday- Shape of Life Annelid Video/ questions
Thursday- Annelids lecture video and worksheet
Friday- make sure of completion

Genetics I
Monday- Video lecture on changing DNA in prokaryotes and bacteria transformation video and questions.
Tuesday- On line bacterial transformation lab and lab sheets
Wednesday and Thursday- CRISPR Cas 9 video lecture and CRISPR videos with questions
Friday- CRISPR paper construction activity

AP Biology
Monday- finish lecture on plant behavior
Tuesday-Wednesday- take home test on plants and water potential.
Thursday & Friday- Video Lecture on Animal Behavior and study guide sheets.

Monday- Video lecture and video on mechanic of breathing and questions.
Tuesday- Video lecture and video on changing pressures in lungs and questions.
Wednesday- video lecture on control of breathing and respiratory system issues
Thursday- Ch. 19 crossword on respiratory system
Friday- take home test on Ch. 19 the respiratory system.



Materials to bring home: Textbook and Computer

Below are my classes and the Google Classroom code to join.

Applied Bio/Chem (1st Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:          74ieqrd
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us


Physiology (6th Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:     w35yiqw
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us


Biology (2nd Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:          j3odatm
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us


Genetics I (3rd Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:          366amv7
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us


AP Biology (4th Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:          3hda55u
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us


Biology (5th Period)
Google Classroom Class Code:          7lnjgcb
My email: pat.boehmer@k12.nd.us