Marah Schmitz










Parents:  Jim & Kim

Family Members:  Hayden & Hudson

Favorites/Hobbies:  color green, steak, country, friends, cooking shows; hanging out with friends, working out, roller blading, watching movies

Favorite Class:  Ceramics

People Most Admired:  My Parents

Future Career:  Dentist

Students Nominated:  Madison Richter, Alayna Martinez, James McGuire

Lexi Page










Parents:  Mitch Page, Nikole & Culley Hoggarth

Family Members:  Tyler, Tate, Trevor, Tessa, Trace, Jacob, Bryar

Favorites/Hobbies:  pasta, fruit, country, color purple, criminal shows; hanging out with friends, watching movies, sports, going to the lake

Favorite Class:  Physiology

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Nurse

Students Nominated:  Harlee Erickson, Kambree Kvamme, Treston Lura, Ethan Buskness

Noroton Ombuya









Grade:   10

Parents:  Steve & Irine Ombuya

Family Members:  Emmanuel, Job, Ian

Favorites/Hobbies:  ugly, zucchini boats, The Hate You Give, Bruce Willis, color blue; playing soccer, reading

Favorite Class:  

People Most Admired: Former President Obama 

Future Career:  Earning a degree and becoming a mentor

Students Nominated:   Lucas Hendrickson, Jacob Seaburg, Bella Garr

Braden Kruse










Parents:  Nathan & Amber

Family Members:  Addie

Favorites/Hobbies:  color red, Queen, AC/DC, pasta; playing xbox, going to the gym

Favorite Class:  Sociology

People Most Admired:  Dad

Future Career:  Something in medical field

Students Nominated:   Mya Schroeder, Kael Kovar, Jack Paulson, Luke Page, Jack Erickson

Karlee Lesmann










Parents:  Tim Schroeder, Jill Schroeder

Family Members:  Natasha, Trisa

Favorites/Hobbies:  color green, pizza, zebra, #MurderTrending; hanging out with friends, riding horse, speech, art, swimming in the creek

Favorite Class:  Art

People Most Admired:  Family, Friends

Future Career:  Kindergarten Teacher

Students Nominated:  Morgan Sherman, Ethan Gast, Thomas Hoeckle, Taya Lura, Olivia Threadgold, Jake Otto, Emma Aberle

Isabel Wendel










Parents:  Shane & Mary

Family Members:  Madison, Connor, Kennedy

Favorites/Hobbies:  Christmas; volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, track, reading

Favorite Class:  Science, Gym

People Most Admired:  Parent, my dogs

Future Career:  Interior Designer

Students Nominated:  Jazmyn Ybarra, Fallon Lacina, Sadie Lura, Maxim Ciubotareanu, Kaydence VanRay, London Davis