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Students of the Month

Grade:   12   Madeson Smith
Parents:   Cory & Cassie   Bryce Edland
Family Members:   Sydney Buckle  
Favorites/Hobbies:   pizza, yellow, Netfilx; painting, listening to music, hanging out with friends  
Favorite Classes:   Ceramics  
People Most Admired:   My sister  
Future Career:   Get an Art Degree  
Students Nominated:   Tyler Thompson, Amber Pierce, Cody Schlegel, Bailee Finch  

Grade:   11   Keiley Slorby
Parents:   Terri Hennings & Tim Slorby   Cody Schlegel
Family Members:   Sam, Brianna, Liam, Caleb  
Favorites/Hobbies:   music, movies, shows, drawing, singing, ice cream, pizza; hanging out with friends, longboarding, singing, watching Netflix  
Favorite Classes:   Choir  
People Most Admired:   Dad  
Future Career:   Photographer or Graphic Designer  
Students Nominated:   Chayla Kuss, Kyle Leapaldt, Sadie Magnuson, Larissa Larson, Trace Beumer  

Grade:   10   Bella Hone
Parents:   Matthew & Carlen   Gracie Koenig
Family Members:   Emma & Justin  
Favorites/Hobbies:   ice cream, music, movies, hoop earrings; volleyball, basketball, hanging out with friends  
Favorite Classes:   Algebra II  
People Most Admired:   Callie Krause  
Future Career:   Physical Therapist  
Students Nominated:   Sophie Boyer  

Grade:   9   Tessa Page
Parents:   Nikole & Culley Hoggarth and Mitch Page   Eli Richter
Family Members:   Tyler, Trevor, Tate, Trace Hoggarth, Lexus, Jacob and Bryar Page  
Favorites/Hobbies:   music, Netflix, orange, sports; basketball, volleyball, hanging out with friends  
Favorite Classes:   German  
People Most Admired:   Mom & Dad  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   MaCee McClean, Kylie Solwey, Hannah Hagel, Cade Lura, Lea Mittleider, Breanna Mittleider  

Grade:   8   Logan Pierce
Parents:   Anna and Wade   Kenzie Edland
Family Members:   Amber, Emy, Bailey  
Favorites/Hobbies:   random foods, relaxing music, Game of Thrones; cleaning, playing games with friends, playing basketball  
Favorite Classes:   IE  
People Most Admired:   Parents  
Future Career:   Zoologist  
Students Nominated:   Sydnie Grager, Alli Guthmiller, Emma Wolsky, Drew Schroeder  

Grade:   7   Kaylee Barone
Parents:   Shanna   Dawsyn Anderson
Family Members:   Grant, Shanna, Gwen Lee  
Favorites/Hobbies:   spaghetti, Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco, Chris Pratt, red, Jacksepticeye, Marz; reading, drawing. writing, listening to music, playing games, musicals, books, movies, videos  
Favorite Classes:   Choir  
People Most Admired:   Sean Mclouglin  
Future Career:   artist/writer/photographer  
Students Nominated:   Hudson Schmitz, Kennedy Wendel, Jonathan Murphy, Kaley Kostelnik