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Students of the Month

Grade:   12   McKayla Scanson
Parents:   Dan & Lisa   kyrie
Family Members:   Tyler, Travis, Tyson  
Favorites/Hobbies:   blue, NF, any Marvel movie, ice cream; band, reading, Science Olympiad, hanging out with friends  
Favorite Classes:   AP Biology  
People Most Admired:   Parents  
Future Career:   Psychologist  
Students Nominated:   Madeson Smith, Tyler Thompson, Willow Johnson, Kolton Vetter, Brady Davis, Justin Lee, Amber Pierce  

Grade:   11   Sylvie Pate
Parents:   Jeff & Julie   billy
Family Members:   Kaylin  
Favorites/Hobbies:   purple, The Orphan Train, friends, running; studying anatomy, choir, FBLA, jamming with friends, reading, music, traveling  
Favorite Classes:   Chemistry  
People Most Admired:   Uncle Dave  
Future Career:   Pediatric Trauma Surgeon  
Students Nominated:   Bellami Jensen, Madeline Allmaras, Savanna Friedt, Chayla Kuss, McCoy VandeHoven, Drew Page, Keiley Slorby  

Grade:   10   Madison Richter
Parents:   Jyl Kostelnik, Joe Kostelnik and Chris Richter   emma
Family Members:   Alli Richter, Kaley Kostelnik  
Favorites/Hobbies:   orange, mashed potatoes, Wonder, Ed Sheeran; camping, drawing, traveling, hanging out with friends and family  
Favorite Classes:   Biology  
People Most Admired:   Mom  
Future Career:   Special Education Teacher  
Students Nominated:   Colton Buskness, Seth Nelson, Carmen Entzminger, Tyler Lee, Grace Wolsky, Bella Hone, Sophie Boyer  

Grade:   9   Anna Irion
Parents:   Laura & Ed   madeson
Family Members:   Christian  
Favorites/Hobbies:   pasta, Cleveland Cavaliers, Hawaii Five-O; sports, traveling, going to the lake  
Favorite Classes:   Math  
People Most Admired:   Parents  
Future Career:   Sports Medicine  
Students Nominated:   Jasmine Hetle, Tessa Page, Treston Lura, Ian Lacina, Nathan Unruh, Macee McClean  

Grade:   8   Jacob Rexin
Parents:   Michelle & Michael   adam
Family Members:   Kacie  
Favorites/Hobbies:   pizza, blue, Star Wars; sports, reading, running  
Favorite Classes:   Gym  
People Most Admired:   Dad  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   Taylor Braaten, Emma Wolsky, Rori Ricter, Logan Pierce, Dawsyn Anderson  

Grade:   7   Kael Kovar
Parents:   Jozie & Kip   seth
Family Members:   Kendall, Kullen  
Favorites/Hobbies:   pizza, green, Maze Runner; band, Xbox, sports  
Favorite Classes:   Gym  
People Most Admired:   Dad  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   Kaylee Barone, McCoy Beckley, Carrie Hovdenes