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Students of the Month

Grade:   12   Mya Mosolf
Parents:   Randall & Amanda Zink   mya mosolf
Family Members:   Maverick, McKade  
Favorites/Hobbies:   chicken nuggets, The Breakfast Club movie, Dan & Shay music, color blue, Friends, The Office; watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, sleeping  
Favorite Classes:   Elementary Tutoring  
People Most Admired:   Mom  
Future Career:   Dental Hygienist  
Students Nominated:   Destiny Stedman, Madeline Allmaras, Kyle Leapaldt, Kaylee Weninger  

Grade:   11   Cassidy Neuman
Parents:   Lyle & Julie   cassidy
Family Members:   Isabella, Kelsi  
Favorites/Hobbies:   pasta, color blue, Grey's Anatomy, Dan & Shay music; watching Netflix, hanging with friends and family, taking road trips  
Favorite Classes:   Accounting  
People Most Admired:   Mom  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   Abby Guthmiller, Carmen Entzminger  

Grade:   10   Kambree Kvamme
Parents:   Jeff & Jona   kambree
Family Members:   Kylie, Keenan, Kaulder, Kirra  
Favorites/Hobbies:   cookie dough ice cream, color red, song Yup on My Tractor; rodeo, hanging out with Sylvie, eating ice cream, watching movies  
Favorite Classes:   Biology  
People Most Admired:   My Mom  
Future Career:   Physician Assistant  
Students Nominated:   Lea Mittleider, Jaydee Hardy, Marissa House  

Grade:   9   Travis Scanson
Parents:   Dan & Lisa   travis
Family Members:   Mckayla, Tyler, Tyson  
Favorites/Hobbies:   Macaroni & Cheese, How to Train Your Dragon 3, color blue; video games, archery, golf, reading  
Favorite Classes:   Physical Science  
People Most Admired:   Dad  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   Rori Ricter, Logan Pierce, Grace Rindy, Emma Rindy, Hunter Beumer  

Grade:   8   Mya Schroeder
Parents:   Keith & Missy   mya schroeder
Family Members:   Makayla and Drew  
Favorites/Hobbies:   color blue, volleyball, high jump with Grace and Hannah, steak; playing sports, hanging with friends, watching Netflix  
Favorite Classes:   Math  
People Most Admired:   Mom  
Future Career:   undecided  
Students Nominated:   Chloe Hovdenes, McCoy Beckley, Evan Cates, Kaleb Alinder, Kennedy Wendel  

Grade:   7   Kylie Skadberg
Parents:   Jason & Tara   kylie
Family Members:   Lauren  
Favorites/Hobbies:   bagels, movie Grease, color green; riding horse, hanging with friends and family, chilling  
Favorite Classes:   Science  
People Most Admired:   My Parents  
Future Career:   Orthodontist or Dentist  
Students Nominated:   Tessa Mittleider, Logan Weninger, Jake Otto, Sage Patzer, Emma Aberle