Hope you are enjoying your family time and your new learning experiences at home. Each week we will be updating the 3rd grade’s new learning activities.   We hope to see you soon!   Please contact us if you need anything!

Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Hafner, and Miss Demester

Beginning March 30, grades are being taken on assignments.

Week of May 4 – 8 Lesson Plans — Click Here for PDF

Week of April 27 – May 1 Lesson Plans — Click Here for PDF

Week of April 20-24 Lesson Plans — Click Here for PDF

Week of April 13-17 Lesson Plans — Click Here

Week of April 6 – 10

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Week of March 30 – April 3


  • Please check Seesaw daily for additional activities and messages.
  • If you have any questions, please message us!

Monday-March 30th

Math – Lesson 104 – Multiplying by 4’s
(These papers were sent home in the folder)

  • Oral fact practice (Please post a picture of completed sheet on Seesaw.)
  • Fact practice (Parent correct)
  • Cloud Tables – Times 4

Reading – Open Court (Mrs. Hewitt and Mrs. Hafner’s reading group)

  • Start Unit 4 – Lesson 2, Day 1 (Go into Open Court. The following have been assigned to you.)
  • Worksheet 15-16
  • Listen to story

Zoom Meeting at 7:00 PM with your homeroom teacher.


Tuesday-March 31st

Math  – Lesson 104 – Expanded Form/Four-Digit Number
(These papers were sent home in the folder)

  • Lesson worksheet (Parent correct)
  • Homework Side B (Take a picture of completed work and send to Seesaw)
  • IXL – Math B.7 and B.8 (These scores will be recorded.)


  • Unit 4 – Lesson 2, Day 1 (Go into Open Court) Do assignments that have been assigned for this day.
  • Check Seesaw for assignment


Wednesday- April 1st

Math – Lesson 105-1 Dividing by 3 and 4
(These papers were sent home in folder)

  • Lesson Worksheet (Post results on Seesaw)
  • Fact worksheet (Parent correct)


  • Unit 4 – Lesson 2, Day 2 (Go into Open Court)
  • Worksheet 19-20 (assigned for this day)
  • Sequencing activity assigned on Brain Pop Jr. (These scores will be recorded.)


Thursday – April 2nd

Math – Lesson 105-1 – Dividing by 3 and 4
(These papers were sent home in folder)

  • Homework Side B – Skip #5 (Post completed work to Seesaw)


Unit 4 – Lesson 2, Day 3 (Go into Open Court)

  • Worksheet 17-18 (assigned for the day)
  • Listen to poem

Zoom Meeting at 11:00 AM with your homeroom teacher.


Friday – April 3rd


  • Seesaw activity will be assigned (Geometry Hunt)
  • Start working on the G’s in IXL Math


Unit 4 – Lesson 2, Day 3 (Go into Open Court)

  • Skills practice, Page 21-22 (will be assigned to you on this day)


  • Go on Seesaw – watch the video and complete the assigned activity (“The Moon”).

Other Opportunities:

* Read a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

* Feel free to work ahead in any content area of IXL.

* Mystery Doug (Science)

* Journal in 100 Things About Me or your black notebook.

* Write a letter to your teacher and post to Seesaw.

* Play board games, cards, or dice activities.


We hope to see you soon!

Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Hafner, and Miss Demester


Brain Pop

  • (Search “Suffixes”)
    • Choose: Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Brain Pop Junior

  • (Search “Folk Tales”)
    • Choose: Any folk tale to read
  • (Search “Summarize”)
    • Choose: Book Reports
  • (Search “Cause and Effect”)
    • Choose: Cause and Effect


IXL: If you have already completed any of the following, please practice the activity again.

  • W4 – Language Arts –  Suffixes with -ful or -less
  • W6 – Language Arts – Suffixes with -able or -ment
  • D6 – Language Arts – Identify text structures
  • B7 – Math – Convert from expanded form
  • B8 – Math – Convert from between expanded and standard form
  • A7 – Math – Write numbers in words
  • DD3 – Math – Parallel sides and quadrilaterals
  • J3 – Math – Divide by 3
  • J4 – Math – Divide by 4
  • F5 – Math – Multiply by 4


Cloud Tables

  • Times 4, 3, 7, 2, 5, 10


Journal in your 100 Things About Me

  • Journal for 10 minutes each day (You may choose if you want to write in cursive.)
  • In your black notebook, journal daily about your experiences at home.



  • Read books at your AR level



Studies Weekly

  • studiesweekly.com/online
  • Read Studies Weekly Week 21
  • Complete the entire back page
  • Complete the “Let’s Write” in your black notebook



Here are some activities that would be great opportunities for your child to continue learning from home.  Please feel free to share any type of learning experiences that you are already doing at home.  You can share this with your teacher by:

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Our classroom private Facebook page –

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School Counseling Lessons & Learning Opportunities

For Social Emotional Learning Activities on topics that we would have covered in the classroom yet this year, and for information on how to visit with Mrs. Foth while we are away from school, please visit her counseling website. It is linked in the drop down box on the school website under Coronavirus Information and then under Grade K-6 Links.

Please click the link below to visit Mrs. Foth Website:
Mrs. Foth Website